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ラピッドフィルターMax薬品データChemical & Drug compatibility of Vacuum filter system: Product-No. 99150 / 99155 / 99250 / 99255 / 99500 / 99505 / 399500 / 99950 / 99955The TPP Filtermax is compatible with most aqueous solutions. Based on information from technicalpublications, materials suppliers, laboratory tests, and field evaluations, TPP believes that the reagentslisted in the following chart are safe to use with TPP filter units. However, because of the effects ofvariability in temperature, concentrations, duration of exposure, and other factors outside our control. TPPdoes not provide or imply a warranty with respect to this information. Agents that are not listed should betested prior to use.ChemicalAcetic Acid (aqueous solution) HYPO (dilute solution)Isobutyl AlcoholAlconox 1% Isopropyl AlcoholAmmonium Hydroxide KeroseneAmmonium Sulfate (saturated) Lactic Acid (50% solution)Amyl Alcohol Lubrol PXBenzyl Alcohol Mercaptoethanol (0.1M solution)Boric Acid (aqueous solution) Mineral SpiritsButyl Alcohol Nitric Acid (6N solution)CHAPS (aqueous solution) Nitric Acid (concentrated)Diethyl Pyrocarbonate (0.2% solution) NitrogenEthylene Glycol Nonidet-P 40Formaldehyde ParaldehydeFormic Acid (50% solution) PentaneFreonTM (TF or PCA) Petroleum EtherGasoline Phenol (aqueous solution)Glycerine (glycerol) Potassium Hydroxide (3N solution)Guanidine HCl (6M solution) Silicone OilsGuanidine Thiocyanate (5M solution) Sodium Carbonate (aqueous solution)Guanidinium HCL (6M solution) Chloride (2M solution)Helium Sodium Dodecyl SulfateHexane Sodium Hydroxide (3N solution)Hydrochloric Acid (1N solution) Sodium Hydroxide (concentrated)Hydrochloric Acid (6N solution) Sulfuric Acid (6N solution)Hydrochloric Acid (concentrated) Trichloroacetic Acid (aqueous solution)Hydrofluoric Acid Tween® 20Hydrogen Urea (8M solution)Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution) Water (Brine - Sea Water)Hydrogen Peroxide (30% solution) Water (de-ionized)Hydrogen Peroxide (90% solution)Active drug compoundsAminophylline HeminAmpicillin HeparinAspartame Hydrocortisone 21-glycol Sodium SuccinateBleomycins ImmunoglobulinsCaffeine InsulinCefazolin IsoproterenolCefoxitin LidocaineCephalothin MannitolCisplatin MetronidazoleColistin MitoguazoneCytarabine MoxalactamDactinomycin NitroglycerinDaunorubicin NorepinephrineDexamethasone Penicillin G potassiumDiazepam PhenobarbitalDigoxin PiperacillinDobutamine PlicamycinDopamine ProchlorperazineDoxorubicin ProtaminesErgonovine StreptokinaseEtoposide SulfamethomidineFactor IX TobramycinFentanyl TrimethoprimFluorouracil UrokinaseFolic Acid VidarabineFurosemide VinblastineGentamicin Vincristine9-39※価格に消費税は含まれておりません。TISSUE CULTUREMICRO TUBESPCR TUBES / PCR PLATESGLOVESPIPETTES RESERVOIRSTEST / DEEP WELL PLATESTEST TUBESCHEMICALPRODUCTSPIPETTE TIPSTISSUE CULTUREラピッドフィルターラピッドフィルターMax

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