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ビーエム機器 株式会社
  • BM Equipment Co., Ltd provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan.
    We are proud that our ability to supply an instrument which is related with life science and information allows us to serve the needs of all of our customers. By making full use of our international network, coupled with the highest quality information, we support the life sciences community with a level of commitment and responsibility befitting a company that is trusted by its valued customers.
  • Business Policies
    Reliable information service:
    We provide our customers with information on a variety of products through our catalogs, periodicals, and our website. On our website page, we provide customers with an efficient search function service that allows them to quickly find the precise information they need.
  • Speedy logistics service:
    With strict inventory management and an excellent logistics system, we can deliver our products and services in the shortest possible time.
  • Reliable advice:
    We are staffed and equipped to handle the wide variety of inquiries made by our customers and thus to help our customers to solve their problems.
  • Company Outline

    Establishment :
    June 1985
    Head office :
    Toyo-Ekimae Bldg., 2-20, Toyo 2-Chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016, Japan
    Employees :
    approx. 30
    Turnover :
    US$21 million in 2008

    Sales ratio according to product field

    Consumables 70%
    Instruments 30%
    Note : Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd. acquired 63.2% of the stocks of BM Equipment in March, 2010.
    "This strategic combination will create a Japanese leader in biotechnology reagents and instrument.
    Description of Business Export, import, and sales of research instruments ( including consumable ) and software Products.
  • Equipment for Biochemical Research
    Electrophoresis apparatus, cell-gene operation equipment, analysis software, , culture apparatus, measuring instruments, gel photograph devices, Imaging station for cell and related products, disposable products and so on.
  • Network of the Sales Agents
    BM Equipment Co., Ltd. has approximately 600 sales agents (local distributors) for delivery and support for our business.
  • Network of the Manufacturers We Support
    From our network of more than 50 manufacturers, most of them overseas, we select world-class products and provide them to our customers.
  • Information Service
    We provide a wide range of data and solutions to support for customers.
  • Catalogs
    BM Equipment Co., Ltd.. handles more than 1000 distinct products. All of these can be searched on our website. Also, BM Equipment Co., Ltd. distributes more than thirty five-thousand general catalogs to researchers throughout Japan to let them easily find the products that are necessary to their research. Moreover, in addition to general catalogs, BM Equipment Co., Ltd issues special catalogs in which specific product groups are explained in detail for the convenience of researchers.
  • Internet
    Our website (www.bmbio.com) supports the real-time searching of all products offered by BM Equipment Co., Ltd. Our pages also introduce new product information and the latest news from the field topics. We also distribute offer brochures according to the needs of our customers.
  • Newsletters and Leaflets
    The BM Express ( News ) introduces our latest products. Also, we strive to provide information in a speedy and timely manner by using direct mail and other means. The BM Express includes introductions to new products, feature articles, articles by researchers working in the field, and an articles that introduce our suppliers to our customers. BM Express is written to intended to be an enjoyable information magazine. Several times a year, we also issue special news brochures and leaflets in which a certain specialized fields of study or product groups are spotlighted.
  • Contact

    Phone :
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■製品についてのお問い合わせ TEL:03-6666-5903 ■在庫・ご注文についてのお問い合わせ TEL:03-6666-5902
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